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Apple Experts Doha is the leading iphone repair/replacement center in qatar.The main purpose of the phone is to make calls, what if that itself isn't done properly? You will not be able to make calls, video chats etc. There are three mic speakers on the phone a) rear micro phone b) receiver/ front micro phone c) Bottom micro phone. To test the front and back microphones shoot a video with the front and rear cameras, if the audio is heard then the respective mic's are perfect to check the bottom micro phones functioning check it by pressing the large red button on the voice memos. If the audio is heard then it's perfect else come with your phone to our center and give us an opportunity to repair it for you.We repair/replace iphone mic speaker at fair price.We are the best iphone service center in Qatar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. My iPhone’s mic speaker is not working. How to fix the problem?

    If the problem is with the mic speaker, then it should be replaced. You can get top-quality mic speakers to replace the defective ones from Apple service centers in Doha.

    2. Do I get mic speaker repair for iPhone 6s in Doha?

    Yes. Most of the Apple service centers in Doha are well-equipped to provide excellent mic speaker replacements for all models of iPhones. So, you can go to the nearest Apple service center to repair your iPhone 6s mic speaker.

    3. What is the cost of iPhone 7 mic replacement?

    The cost of mic replacement depends on the type and quality of mic speaker used for replacement. Contact a service center regarding the cost of replacement.

    4. Is it possible to replace the iPhone X mic speaker?

    Indeed, you can get mic speaker replacement for all models of iPhones including iPhone X.

    5. Which is a good service center for iPhone mic speaker replacement in Al sad, Doha?

    Apple experts is a leading Apple service center in Al sadd that provides quality mic speaker replacement services for iPhones.