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Apple Experts Qatar is the best iphone chip level service center in Qatar.Repair your iphone chip level from our expert techncians at fair price.We have experienced technicians who can solve any of your iphone issues.

Does your phone turn ON and OFF continuously?The phone is ON but the display screen isn't showing at all?This could be due to the damage caused on the motherboard. Certain parts of the motherboard can be easily replaceable, whereas in some cases the whole chip might need to be replaced or serviced. If you drop your phone on the floor the major impact can be caused on the phones body, many damage can be caused inside too i.e. this could lead to the motherboard damage. The other reasons that result in chip level servicing are a)water damage b)overheating c)sand e)improper services. The motherboard is responsible for the overall functionality of the phone even a small damage in it cause serious issues. Apple experts Qatar can help you with the quality chip level services for your iPhone's.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is it possible to replace the on-board processor in iPhone 8?

    Yes. Most of the Apple service centers provide on-board processor replacement services for almost all models of iPhones.

    2. Are power IC replacement services available for iPhones?

    Of Course. Apple service centers across Doha provide excellent power IC replacement services for all models of iPhones.

    3. Is it possible to replace the audio IC in my iPhone X?

    Indeed, it is possible to replace the audio IC in any model of iPhone. Expert technicians specialized in chip-level repairs will replace your iPhone’s audio IC with a brand new one.

    4. Which service center in Doha provides iPhone motherboard service?

    Almost all Apple service centers in Doha are well-equipped to provide iPhone motherboard service. Of them, Apple experts is an exclusive service center to get the motherboard service done.

    5. How long will it take to repair the iPhone motherboard?

    Usually, motherboard service requires a little bit of time because the fault finding demands time and also the repair needs extreme care and sufficient time to work on it.