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Facing Problems with your iphone battery? Visit Apple Experts Doha for best replacement services in Doha,Qatar.There could be several reasons that would require the battery to be repaired some among them are : the battery backup is low, battery is bulged, phone is heating, phone is not switching ON,iPhone is rebooting, Phone switches off randomly. The main reason many would need to change the battery is due to the battery drainage. It would be quite annoying when you have to charge the phone every now and then and will need to carry power bank along with you every where you travel.We provide high quality iphone battery spare parts with fair price.

Our iphone service center doha,qatar team can help you repair or replace the phone battery when needed. Our iphone service center Doha customers with the satisfied services are the proof.Apple Experts repairs iphone battery at reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is battery replacement service available for my iPhone XR?

    Of Course. Apple service centers across Qatar provide you top-quality battery for any model of iPhone and they replace the battery in no time.

    2. Do you provide iPhone XS Max battery replacement service?

    Yes. We provide quicker and reliable battery replacement services for iPhone XS Max as well as all other iPhones.

    3. Do I get a new battery for iPhone X with the same 2716 mah capacity?

    Yes. You will get good-quality battery for iPhone X with the same energy storage capacity from most of the Apple service centers in Qatar.

    4. My iPhone is losing power very fast. How should I fix the issue?

    The problem is with the battery. You need to replace the iPhone’s battery to solve the issue.

    5. My iPhone 8 plus is overheating. Is it due to any problem with the battery?

    Overheating may happen when you charge with an incompatible charger. Wi-fi and Bluetooth issues can also cause the device to heat up. Most probably, it’s not the issue with the battery.