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It seems Apple, one of the flag-bearers of the technological world, is competing with itself to conquer the tech-world. The month following the launch of Apple’s flagship brand iPhone XS, it came up with the iPhone XR in an array of gorgeous, bright colors. With the launch of the iPhone XS max, Apple has produced its phone with the largest screen size. The iPhone XS comes with a 5.8 inch screen with an innovative super retina HD display. XS comes with a varied range of capacity with 64GB, 256GB and 512GB available as per your choice. XS is different from its sibling in having dual cameras with 12 MP resolution. XS comes with a compact steel body and the phone comes with a limited range of colors like gold, silver and space grey. The iPhone XR stuns us in 6 cool bright colors in which it is available. XR is a little bit larger in screen size and it comes with liquid retina display. iPhone XR comes with varying memory capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

As it has been already said, the iPhone XS come with a 5.8 inch screen whereas its sibling XR comes with an even larger screen of 6.1 inch size. XS has got a super retina OLED HD display and XR allures us with its liquid retina display. Even if it doesn’t have an HDR display, XR display is decent and makes not much difference from XS. The iPhone XS is distinct from XR in having a wide-angle camera, as well as a telephoto rear camera, but with the same resolution of 12 MP in both the phones. Since the iPhone XR only has a single-lens rear camera, it doesn't capture as much depth information as the dual-lens camera on the iPhone XS. In addition, both are having 7 MP front cameras. Both the phones are built with great security features like face ID unlocking. XS and XR are powered by Apple’s innovative, newest A12 Bionic chip with next generation neural engine. Now heavy rains are not going to affect your phone worse, both XS and XR are equipped with water resistant property, with XS being more water resistant. Apple claims that the iPhone XS will remain water resistant to a depth of 2 meter for upto 30 minutes. However, this feature is not so good as the water resistance offered by high-end gadgets of Samsung and Google. Both XS and XR are furnished with wireless charging capability and work well with Qi chargers. The true tone display in XS and XR are worth to be noted iPhone while XR lacks 3D touch display which is an appreciable drawback. The iPhone XS is encased in an aluminium frame, whereas XR comes with a steel frame. The glass on the back of the iPhone XR is not as strong as that on the back of the iPhone XS. The glass on the front of XR, however, is the same glass as the kind used on the front of XS. The battery life offered by the iPhone XR is more than that offered by iPhone XS. Both the iPhone XS and XR are available at 256GB capacity, and when you compare their prices, it is better to go with the iPhone XR which is available at about Rs.90000 than the costly iPhone XS that costs you about Rs.110000.

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