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One of the main attractions of the new apple iPhone is its 5.8-inch OLED panel. If there are long-displayed or very often displayed elements on the screen, it can lead to their appearance on the panel even when they are not needed. This is one of the drawbacks of OLED screens. This is not just about the iPhone X but also Pixel 2 XL. Here are some measures to follow to get rid of iPhone X construction problem. Apple experts is one of the experienced iPhone Repair Center in Qatar, that you can depend on for all issues regarding your apple device.

Getting rid of IPhone X screen burn-in

Apple knows about the potential risk and therefore released a short manual for iPhone X users to maximize the service life of the Super Retina OLED panel. Update iPhone to the latest version of iOS. Apple recommends not to overheat the brightness of the panel, ideally set its automatic control (Settings - General - Accessibility - Customizing the Display).

Another point is to activate the phone's auto-lock, which turns off the display. The appropriate settings are found in the Settings > Display and Brightness menu > Automatic Lock. Apple recommends setting the shutdown interval to 30 or 60 seconds. This prevents the phone from lying idle on the desk with the display activated.

Mysterious vertical green lines on iPhone X

Another problem is the vertical green lines that appear along the edges of the panel. The cause of this phenomenon is unknown, restarting or restoring factory data cannot remove it. Apple is swapping the affected iPhones for new ones.

Display of the iPhone X is unresponsive at low temperatures

Display of the latest iPhone X may stop responding at low temperatures probably because of a software issue. But the lock and unlocking of the device eliminate the problem.

How to fix the problem of unresponsive display at low-temperature:

Apple announced about the issue and will be fixing in the next system update. The iOS 11.1.2 update can be downloaded for free on all eligible devices in the Settings app. To access the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Apple said that out of the comfort zone (temperature range of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius) the iOS device may exhibit certain interactions that adapt to temperature changes.