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Apple, as a flag-bearer in the technological world gives great preference to their customers’ privacy and security. The company has already declared clear and strong privacy policy and it really exemplifies its stance. Apple advices their customers to keep on updating their device software in order to experience the utmost security offered by the company. Apple introduced an urgent update of its latest iOS 12 on 7th of this February. The newest update iOS 12.1.4 is intended to fix the disastrous bug identified in the OS and thus this is considered to be the most essential fix in iPhone history. The recent update doesn’t come with attractive features, yet it is very essential in solving some issues that have been identified less than two weeks after the former update. The new update fixes the deceitful FaceTime bug that can cause serious threat to the customers’ security and privacy.

The greatest endeavor did by the iOS 12.1.4 is to fix the FaceTime bug, as told earlier. This can allow strangers to spy on you with you knowing nothing about it. Attackers can force a FaceTime call with you and in turn, access they will access your Apple device audio or video even if you don’t accept the FaceTime call. Exploiting this bug, they can initiate a FaceTime call with you, add their phone number and create a group FaceTime call. This will help them trespass into your privacy. They will be able to hear your audio and they will get access to your camera. Once Apple received complaints indicating about the threats associated with the bug, Apple made a sudden response by temporarily putting off the Group FaceTime facility by taking the server offline. This problem was fixed by Apple by this important recent update of iOS 12.1.4. From now, Group FaceTime facility will be available only on devices that are updated with iOS 12.1.4. So, it is a dire necessity of the Apple users to get this update soon, lest they will have to a pay a big price for it. Now imbibe all the security features provided by Apple and reinforce your security.

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