• Do you use original Spare Parts?

    Yes, we use genuine spare parts and some of the products comes with warranty. We take special care while replacing the parts and only use quality spare parts. We have an exclusive store, where you can avail all the replacement parts .You don’t have to wait long to get your device serviced.

    When do I pay for the repair? Need to pay in Advance?

    You can pay in advance or have option to pay after the repair/Replacement is done. You can pay by cash or pay by card.

    When I open my iPhone, I can find so many vertical lines on the display. Can you suggest the measure to help me out from this annoying issue?

    Appearance of lines on display is mainly due to issues with the display connector. If it has got defective, then a display replacement is necessary to fix the problem. For those looking for an adroit iPhone display service or replacement in Qatar, Apple Experts Apple service center has organized finest services.

    When I turn Wi-Fi on, it is just showing Wifi turning on with the circle spinning but no progress at all. Now I am not able to connect Wi-Fi in my iPhone. Please suggest a solution for this.

    Such Wi-Fi issues can be due to problems with the WiFi antenna or even some defects in the mother board. A scrutiny of the phone hardware will reveal the exact cause. If you want to get your iPhone’s Wi-Fi issue fixed from the experts, Apple Experts Apple service center is a great choice.

    My iPhone is getting overheated all the time I use it. Observing this, I switched off my phone for some time. I resumed using it again but found that it was getting heated up again. Can you suggest a solution for this issue?

    Overheating issues can happen due to various reasons like short circuit within the board, defective battery, or usage of an incompatible charger. A good service is enough to solve the issue. If you are in need of an expert service center to fix iPhone over heating issues, walk into Apple Experts Apple service center Qatar and get your iPhone revived soon.

    My iPhone has become completely deaf. No sound is coming from it. Should I make a speaker replacement?

    Before blaming the speaker, we need to check whether we get an audio output from the audio jack. If we get an audio output, then the problem is with the speaker and it should be replaced. If not, a board repair is needed. If you need to get your iPhone’s sound-related problems fixed, Apple Experts Apple service center Qatar is a preferred center to seek technical assistance.

    Do you repair all Apple Products?

    We specialize in servicing all models of Iphone’s,MacBook,Ipad and iMac and has an exclusive store for all its Replacement parts. All repairs can be done from broken screen to chip levels servicing. We have specially trained service Engineers to repair Apple Products. We use Quality replacement parts and has special tools for repair work.

Looking For A Fast & Reliable Repair Service

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