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How to Avoid Fix iPhone X Construction Problems?

One of the main attractions of the new apple iPhone is its 5.8-inch OLED panel. If there are long-displayed or very often displayed elements on the screen, it can lead to their appearance on the paRead more

Apples Reports on the Next iPhone Updates 11.4.

Recently Apple has rolled out the latest 11.4 version for iPhone and iPad and has now come up with the developer and public beta which is now available on beta. Apple has included the most awaited Read more

Have You Enabled Multitasking Gestures In Your iPad

If “you don’t know what a computer is”, then iPad is your life. And with the urge (and necessity) to do more things at a time, iPad has become adept at multitasking and multitasking gestures Read more

Why Isn’t My iPhone Turning On?

Before you lament at the death of your iPhone and seek forth to buy a new one, try these steps out.  Many of the time, the problem isn’t as bad as it seems and you may not even have to approach Read more

Did Apple Deliberately Slow Down Your IPhone? If Yes, Why?

Over the past few months, a large number of people started noticing their iPhones slowing down. Many of the iPhones were not delivering performances as advertised by Apple and soon the discussions Read more

What Is Jailbreaking And What Is Unlocking

Both Jailbreaking and unlocking is carried out to be free from many of Apple’s ‘unwanted’ restrictions. After you Jailbreak your Apple device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you have unreRead more

Your Favorite iPhone Color Reveals your character

iPhones come in plenty of colors for one to choose from. Gold, rose gold, shades of black, silver are popular colour variants that are seen in today’s iPhone models. Well guess what, they tell a Read more

More about AirPower, Apple’s Wireless Charger

With Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced 'ten') unveiled, people are awestruck. Now, a phone is nothing without its battery juice and this is where AirPower comes to play. AirPRead more

Why Apple Experts Doha Instead of AppleCare?

AppleCare is the official Apple Insurance. People often tend to purchase AppleCare as a precaution against any potential haRead more

Water Damaged iPhone Repair Services

Water Damage is one of the most common issues that we fix at our Apple Experts Service Center in Doha. Accidents happen, you might spill some water on your iPhone or iPad or accidentally drop you pRead more